Custom Architectural & Ornamental Design and Installation

About Railing Systems Hawaii – Kailua-Kona, HI

“Welded Steel Barrier Fabrication Experts”

For over 18 years, Railing Systems Hawaii in Kailua-Kona has made it simple to access stylish safety barrier systems and ornamental architectural elements throughout the Big Island. We install attractive, cost-effective railing systems, gates, and fencing solutions. Our professional modern blacksmiths also design and fabricate unique custom steel and metal design features for an extensive range of residential, commercial, and government applications.

Locally Owned and Operated Metal Fabrication Company

Proudly Serving Big Island Since 2002

Railing Systems Hawaii is proud to be your locally owned and operated metal fabrication company. We opened our doors to serve our valued customers in March of 2002. As Big Island locals, we love the gorgeous sunshine and the trade winds that sweep rainfall and ocean mist over the land; yet, these very elements often spell trouble in paradise.

A Better Way to Combat the Elements

The strong UV rays, salt spray, and exposure to the elements we face on Big Island make wooden (and even vinyl and composite fencing) lose their luster and rot. These environmental assaults can cause exposed fasteners and locks to corrode and become useless. While painting and excessive maintenance can hold the elements at bay for some time, the use of these inferior materials mandates regular time-consuming maintenance and costly replacement, as nature always wins. We knew there had to be a better way.

Strong, Beautiful Solutions for Safety and Perimeter Security

Railing Systems Hawaii was established to bring home and business owners on the Big Island strong, durable, attractive solutions to their safety and perimeter security needs. Our products are carefully selected based on their superior performance and design characteristics. Take aluminum, for example. Aluminum is an ideal option for the challenges our humid, coastal Hawaiian climate poses to other building materials.

Aluminum is non-reactive, noncombustible, and corrosion-resistant, termite and insect-proof, waterproof, it doesn’t crack, and is not susceptible to rust or rot. Aluminum doesn’t warp or readily take on scratches and stains. It’s lightweight and rapidly dissipates heat. Maintenance is minimal, as well. You don’t need to paint or stain aluminum and no expensive special cleaning agents or sealants are required.

Aluminum can include slip-resistant features and be finished with virtually any solid sublimated powder coat color or ultra-realistic woodgrain pattern you like. This provides an extremely durable and beautiful coating that resists degradation year after year through tropical storms, hurricanes, and the relentless daily onslaught of UV radiation and corrosive salt air. We install the finest quality aluminum gates, fencing, and railing systems with hidden locks and fasteners to help shield them from the elements, as well as your choice of these products in our other durable, premium materials.

Promises Kept

For more than 18 years, the metal artisans at Railing Systems Hawaii have delivered on our promise to provide strong, attractive architectural and decorative building solutions. Our products help keep you and your family safe while saving you time and money. We would be pleased to bring your vision to life, too!

Do You Forge Metal?

At Railing Systems Hawaii, we are modern blacksmith artists. We do not operate a melting kiln or smelting forge. Instead, we harness the power of electricity to weld the finest stainless steel (wrought iron), bronze, aluminum, metals, glass, and other quality materials by hand. We create gorgeous, custom ornamental architectural and design elements. In this way, we are able to produce superior products that meet your unique needs in a timely manner. Our fabrication techniques allow us to deliver products of consistent strength, durability, longevity, and performance that add incredible value and curb appeal to your property. If you are looking for a high-quality railing system, fence, or gate, we look forward to exceeding your expectations!