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Life Saver Pool Fencing

Railing Systems Hawaii is professionally licensed to install Life Saver Pool Fencing systems throughout Big Island, Hawaii. This truly is the best product we’ve found to keep children and pets safe from the dangers posed by unattended swimming pools!

Safety, Convenience and Anti-Drowning Features

Life Saver Pool Fences feature exceptionally high-quality construction and safety features. When it comes to safeguarding your children and pets from swimming pool dangers, Life Saver Pool Fencing covers all the bases – and more.

Life Saver Pool Fence: Recognized As Superior In Every Way

When you choose a Life Saver Pool Fence, you get a system that is widely regarded as superior – because it truly is the best pool safety fencing available. Protect your child while enjoying this peace of mind, as well as the confidence of Life Saver Pool Fence’s unparalleled lifetime warranty.

This Exclusive Patented Pool Safety System Is Not Available Anywhere Else

Life Saver Pool Demonstrations

View the videos below from Life Saver Pool Fence. Watch demonstrations of a few of the features of this exceptional pool barrier. See for yourself why this amazing system has been trusted for more than 30 years by parents in over 15 countries to help keep their children safe from drowning:

Life Saver Safety Pool Fence System Overview

Life Saver Pool Features

Life Saver Pool Textiline® Mesh Features

The Best Pool Safety Fence – Strong, Tough, and Durable

“Life Saver Pool Fence Lives Up to Its Name” - Life Saver Pool Fence Motto

You simply will not find a better pool safety fence than the Life Saver Pool Fence. Made with Textiline®, the toughest, strongest, self-healing polyvinyl mesh in existence, it is puncture-resistant, soil and mildew-resistant. It can withstand tensile assault of nearly 400 psi and decades of the sun’s harsh UV rays. Every aspect of the construction of this product is designed with strength and enduring toughness in mind to keep your children and pets safe against pool dangers. Choose from the original Life Saver Pool Fence, Life Saver Pool Barrier Fence, Life Saver Pool Corral, and Life Saver Pet Fence.

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Professionally Licensed Life Saver Pool Fence Installation

Learn more about the Life Saver Pool Fence. After reviewing these materials, contact Railing Systems Hawaii for professionally licensed installation of this easy-to-use, innovative pool safety barrier. Call: 808-325-2822

“The Life Saver Pool Fence Lives up to Its Name!”

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